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Visit to a Sculptor's Garden in Eyam, Derbyshire

Our events team provides us with some wonderful experiences., organising visits to gardens less well known, perhaps very rarely opened. 

On these visits, often it is the owner or head gardener who will show us round.  Hearing the stories behind the garden provides a whole new dimension to the visitor experience. It's not surprising that our summer garden visits are very popular. Our regular Newsletter includes short reports about visits and also winter talks and will give you a better idea of the range of events. Members are also encouraged to contribute text and photos for these.Please look through our Newsletter archive and you will be able to read all about these fantastic events.

In summer 2020 it has not been possible to organise our normal programme of visits because of the spread of coronavirus and the  resulting restrictions, particularly on group visits. However the team is hoping to be in a position to start visits once again in the summer of 2021, restrictions permitting. 

As well as the garden visits, a series of talks have been held each year over the winter months. At the moment we will not be able to have talks in village halls but we can provide online talks. We are very pleased to provide details of our programme for April to June 2021 as follows:

Monday 12th April 3.30pm, Caroline Holmes: Sheer Folly: Weird and wonderful garden buildings 

Monday 17th May 3.30pm, Jackie Bennett, Island Gardens: Journeys around the British Isles 

Monday 14th June 3.30pm, Dr Catherine Horwood: Beth Chatto: A Life with Plants
Based on her authorised biography (European Book of the Year 2019) 

All best wishes from the Events Team           

The National Gardens Scheme
Gardens are now beginning to open so you can enjoy and support the National Garden Scheme by using the following link:

Monday 12th April, 3.30pm
Caroline Holmes: 'Sheer Folly' — Weird and wonderful garden buildings 12th April at 3.30pm

Monday 12<sup>th</sup> April, 3.30pm<div style='margin: 5px 0px;'><span>Caroline Holmes: 'Sheer Folly' — Weird and wonderful garden buildings  12<sup>th</sup> April at 3.30pm<span></div>

Online Talk via Zoom 3.30pm

Caroline Holmes is a garden historian of places, people and plants who likes to sift the humour from the humus. Apart from regular Gardens Trust talks, she has researched and/or spoken on every continent except Antarctica. Her 13th book is scheduled to be published in mid-June.

Consultancy work specialises in exploring and evoking history, and over the years she has presented both BBC Radio 4, TV programmes and videos. Home is Suffolk and a one-acre garden. 

Sheer Folly: Weird and wonderful garden buildings. One definition of folly is that it is the seasoning of pleasure, an excellent way of describing garden buildings with a difference. We will travel to architectural extravanganzas, rustic retreats, under a lake and intellectual conceits in Britain, France and beyond.
Cost: Free
Event Contact:

Monday 17th May, 3.30pm
Jackie Bennett 'Island Journeys' — Journeys around the British Isles on Monday 17th May at 3.30pm

Monday 17<sup>th</sup> May, 3.30pm<div style='margin: 5px 0px;'><span>Jackie Bennett 'Island Journeys' — Journeys around the British Isles on Monday 17<sup>th</sup> May at 3.30pm<span></div>
Jackie is a writer and editor, including the recently revised The Artist’s Garden reviewed in the last newsletter, as well as Shakespeare’s Gardens. She writes for a variety of magazines and gives talks for groups and runs writing workshops. We thought Island gardens would give you a taste of delights to come after this time of Lockdown.

Jackie published her book, Island Gardens in 2018. It includes lighthouse gardens, gulf-stream-soaked, tropical gardens, windswept remote gardens with giant and ancient yew trees, and gardens surrounding castles and monasteries of historical significance.  What they all share is the special light, magical atmosphere and indefinable magic that a proximity to water can bring. 
Cost: Free
Event Contact:

Monday 14th June, 3.30pm
Dr Catherine Horwood: Beth Chatto - A Life with Plants

Monday 14<sup>th</sup> June, 3.30pm<div style='margin: 5px 0px;'><span>Dr Catherine Horwood:  Beth Chatto - A Life with Plants<span></div>

Based on her authorised biography (European Book of the Year 2019)

Catherine Horwood is a social historian with a passion for gardening and garments. A keen gardener for over thirty years, Catherine has created three gardens that have been open through the National Gardens Scheme 'Yellow Book', and was for many years an assistant organiser for the NGS. She is the authorised biographer for the late plantswoman, Beth Chatto, and writes for gardening magazines such as Gardens Illustrated and The English Garden.
Cost: Free
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